Gerard Coyne and Data Breach

If you are member of Labour and not of Unite but have had an email from Gerard Coyne, please contact SKWARKBOX as a matter of urgency

The SKWAWKBOX is gathering information relating to the DPA (Data Protection Act) breaches by Gerard Coyne and individuals within the Labour Party hierarchy, which this blog broke when non-members of Unite began to receive campaign emails from Unite General Secretary challenger Gerard Coyne.

lab dpa smoking gun

People all over the UK, including Scotland and Ireland, have been affected by the breach but the SKWAWKBOX wants to collate more information on the geographical spread of those who received the emails and texts.

If you are not a Unite member and have received these emails or texts, you have been a victim of the DPA breach and we want to hear from you – even if you’ve already checked in, so we can collate the fullest possible information in one place.

Please email a short summary of what you received and your town or region and spread the word to widen the net.

Thanks for your help.

Labour non-Unite member? Had Coyne email? SKWAWKBOX wants your help

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