@gerard_coyne admits to DPA breach on live national radio (with audio)

As a member of Unite Community I have been following the antics of our Mr. Coyne with some interest.

In the 1980’s I had ┬áthe misfortune to belong to a Union that sold it’s soul the the bosses, and I am in no doubt the same would happen if Coyne were ever to be elected as General Secretary of Unite.

The fact that he is being aided by some inside of the Labour Party is a matter of great sadness.

Source: @gerard_coyne admits to DPA breach on live national radio (with audio)

A leap into the Dark

It is quite some time since I have produced anything on the internet in the way of a website or blog, but I feel that now that I am approaching seventy years on this planet it is time to have another go.

What you see before you is rough and ready, thrown together in just a few minutes but I though I would at least like to get things up and running.

My intention is to both to write articles of my own accord and re-blog other work which I find of interest (owners permission of course).

So not much to see as yet, but keep coming back to see what we have added.